3. TYPO3camp Majorca – the maybe best TYPO3camp

For seven years TYPO3 camps are a steady and important institution in the TYPO3 environment of Germany an some European Countries. In addition to the official TYPO3 Conferences or the TYPO3 Developer Days the Bar Camps embody a subculture with the challenge to make every member a part of the event. Usually with a small admission fee for the participant and a sponsoring based finance, you get a concentrated TYPO3 knowledge on an advanced level, the event is catered and promotional articles are given.

But the most important issue of such a bar camp is something totally different. For two complete days you meet many familiar and new faces, compare notes, do brainstorming, become acquainted or just have a good time together. If I had to characterize the TYPO3-Community, for me these get-togethers are the most important basis. The various conversations are so intensive and energizing, your only wish is for the event to never end.

While most of the separate TYPO3 Camps are characteristically regional, three years ago the request came up to create a common international TYPO3 Camp. As a perfect location Majorca was chosen, the capitol Palma de Majorca to be exact. The TYPO3camp Majorca was born. The rest is history…

…that is already repeating for the third time this year. Almost 100 interested participants from numerous European countries (Romania, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, …) – nearly 20% of them had never been on a bar camp before – came to Palma.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday evening while some members of the event management team checked the evening locations for Friday and Saturday the bigger part of the attendees had dinner in the Rififi regarded as one of best fish restaurant of this area.

t3cmallorca_restaurantCredits: Wolfgang Wagner

Afterwards, the remains of the evening was spent with numerous fascinating conversations on the terrace of the conference hotel.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Although most of the participants arrived on Friday, the professionals already arrived on Thursday or even Wednesday to enjoy the island to its full. Previously to the camp there were already some fascinating activities. For Friday lunch you were invited to go to Palma. For many the classy restaurant simplyfosh is still in good memory, and so it was clear, that the visit would be repeated this year. Afterwards we were guided by Meggie – in fact native from Sweden – through Palma de Majorca. She showed us parts of this impressing city aside from the usual tourist tour. Afterwards we went to the pool – with best weather and 34° celsius the only thing that seemed reasonable under these conditions. For this the conference hotel Catalonia Majorica was fitted perfectly. A massive pool right above the roofs of Palma and one or more beers or sangria to enjoy. There are definitely  worse places to let your spirits flow.


At 7:30 pm we started our walk to the welcome party. This year the party was on the pier of Palma at the The BoatHouse. In the last year this location was totally renovated and now it got an inimitable flair. This maritime style can’t be found anywhere else in Palma – according to the manager. During the winter the rebuilding will be continued so next year an even more beautiful place will honor the promenade of Palma.


We occupied the outdoor area with almost 60 people enjoying the evening with tapas and drinks and had lots of inspiring and fascinating conversations. In the meantime I chatted with Jon (from LocalStanding.co.uk), the web designer from the Boathouse who is in fact from Los Angeles, normally lives in London but enjoys the summer on Majorca. He was totally confused, that the Facebook likes and mentions on Twitter suddenly shot up as soon we were there 😉 We had a long chat about Content Management Systems and he promised me faithfully to have a look at TYPO3 CMS and Neos. He was very impressed of our community – never before he experienced this in such a form. So in any case I will contact him again to infiltrate the TYPO3 UK market 😉

t3cmallorca_barCredits: Wolfgang Wagner

While some participants carried on their conversations till 2.00 am, a small group resorted to the local clubbing scene respectively the cultural program at El Arenal where the dance duo Die Atzen raised the roof of the Riu Palace.

 Saturday, September 13, 2014

Right in time at 9:00am everybody was at the luxurious breakfast buffet, which left no wish unfulfilled. There were eggs cooked in all varieties, fruits, cold cuts, cheese, cakes and even savory like sausages. Quickly everyone proceeded to the conference center next to the hotel to register. There was a big surprise because with their promotional articles the camp exceeded all exceptions by far. First, there was the affectionately designed and high-quality produced T-shirt by sitegeist. On the back there was the obligatory 14 in big letters and under it subtle the sponsors. But especially the details were impressive – for example the labels on the back were TYPO3 branded and on the sleeve there was a small sew on patch. Fittingly there was a TYPO3 designed water ball and a high value pin (pictures see on top). 10:00 am the opening session started. First thanks were given to the many sponsors followed by general information to this camp. Almost 100 participants from different countries found their way to Majorca to compare about TYPO3 for two days. Very quickly the Saturday session plan was well-filled so the sessions could start. On the first day, there were high-quality and throughout good sessions with the following topics:

  • TYPO3 Neos
  • TYPO3 Community
  • Motivation/Demotivation
  • 40 reasons to migrate to TYPO3 6.2
  • Self-Organizing
  • RealURL
  • PHPStorm
  • Deployment TYPO3 CMS
  • TYPO3 & CRM
  • Lightfield Photography
  • Update 4.5 -> 6.2
  • TYPO3 Contribution
  • Routing in TYPO3 CMS
  • Language Course (see below)
  • Result Driven Design

t3cmallorca_sessionplanCredits: Wolfgang Wagner

There was one session I want to feature, because both the idea and the implication of the session were very special. On Friday night after numerous conversations with diverse foreign participants András (Developer from Marit AG in Munich) got the idea to hold a language-course. So on Saturday, many participants speaking finally six languages came together (Hungarian, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch and Romania) and figured out how to say common terms like “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Good Afternoon” or “one beer please” in different languages.

TschüssGoodbyeSziasztokAdiosHa detHei heiDagPa
Guten MorgenGood MorningJó reggeltBuenos díasGod morgenHyvää huomentaGoedemorgenBună dimineața
Guten TagGood AfternoonJó napotBuenas tardesGod dagHyvää päivääGoede dagBună ziua
Guten AbendGood EveningJó estétBuenas tardesGod kveldHyvää iltaaGoedenavondBună seara
Gute NachtGood NightJó éjszakátBuenas nochesGod nattHyvää yötäGoedenachtNoapte bună
Bitte (bitten)PleaseKéremPor favorVennligstOle hyväAlsjeblieftVă rugăm să
DankeThank youKöszönömGraciasTakkKiitosDankjewelMulțumesc
BitteYou are WelcomeÖn szívesenDe nadaDu er velkommenOlet tervetullutGraag gedaanBine ati venit
ProstCheersEgészségedreSaludSkålKippisOp uw gezonheidNoroc
Ein Bier bitteOne beer pleaseEgy korsó világost kérekUna cerveza por favorEn øl, takkMinä tahdon oluen Een bierAveţi o bere?

While the session on its own was a lot of fun, the joint dinner on this evening was hilarious because we could try all the terms we just learned in a real life situation – with native speakers – till we pronounced them perfectly. Probably we will never forget these terms.

5:00pm a table soccer competition was performed, the tables were imported from Italy by Portaltech Replay, so two professional competition tables were available. Finally András (Marit AG, Germany) and Erika (PWO, Romania) emerged as the winners of the competition.

t3cmallorca_soccerCredits: Riona Kuthe

At 7:30 pm we finally walked to our evening location. We had booked the outdoor area of a nearby club -the Cliento13 – located in the marina of Palma. There we enjoyed numerous very delicious tapas and some beer, sangria, vine and soft drinks.

There were lots of inspiring conversations as well and after enjoying this mild summer night for four hours, some moved to the indoor area of the club. Other participants visited the surrounding clubs and yet others went to the Bierkönig in El Arenal once again.

Rumor has it that the last group drew some attention with a noisy bath in the hotel pool at 7:00 pm. But without any pictures of evidence this never happened 😉

Sunday, September 13, 2014

Party hard, work hard. And so after an ample breakfast at 10:00 pm everybody appeared at the session planning on Sunday. There were a little less sessions to visit than the day before – but not less interesting.

  • Mask
  • Cave diving
  • New responsive concepts
  • Showcases Solr
  • TYPO3 Neos Showcases
  • T3 Key success factors
  • TCA
  • Poolsession(!!)
  • CDN
  • RealURL
  • Outsourcing development
  • Flux, Twitter, Bootstrap
  • No Estimates
  • High performance teams
  • Wearable devices
  • Lightfield Photography (rp)

t3cmallorca_sessionplan2Credits: Wolfgang Wagner

On the final session also the best lecture was awarded. The winner was András Ottó (Marit AG). Congratulations!

t3cmallorca_cupCredits: Wolfgang Wagner

Afterwards the 40 remaining participants went to the  Meson Ca’n Pedro – a typical Majorcan restaurant located in Genova. The view and food were more than words can say and so this was a successful conclusion of the TYPO3 Camp.

t3cmallorca_eveningCredits: Wolfgang Wagner

For three times the +Pluswerk was significantly involved on the TYPO3 camp

We are very proud that we were allowed to support the TYPO3 camp with three different partners:

  • +Pluswerk GmbH: ValueSponsoring as +Pluswerk GmbH
  • Marit AG: main event management, Helping Hands
  • Pagemachine AG: event management, Helping Hands, TYPO3camp Website (with TYPO3 Neos)

Besides we give our thanks to all the additionally sponsors and promoters, without such a camp would not be possible

  • Premium sponsors: jweiland.net, +sitegeist, 1&1, HISCOX, Reply
  • Value sponsors: hostedsolr by dkd, onedrop, Pluswerk, anders & sehr, Techdivision
  • Contributors: arxia, PWO, SGALINSKI, jcmedia
  • TYPO3 Neos Website hosted by 1&1

t3cmallorca_helpersCredits: Riona Kuthe


In the meantime: there are lots of exciting links and reports to and about the camp


Personally for me the conclusion is definite. The Typo3camp Majorca was quite possibly the best camp I ever attened (and there were quite a lot). Everything was fitting perfectly – topics, location, participants, conversations, climate.  Compared to last year only half the number of participants attended. At the beginning I thought this to be a pity but in the end I`m sure it benefited the camp. So the experience was even more intense.

I`m looking forward to next year 🙂 Patrick

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