MySQL: Change collation for all tables in your database

Did you ever had a problem that the special characters are not correctly displayed on your front end? Like you see M?nchen instead of München? This error can happen if your database or table or column has a different character-set

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Detect duplicated references in the database (Related to the bug 66920)

We have found recently a small but very annoying bug (, which results some inconsistent records in the database. As in the bug report described, it can happen wit any instance without any extension, and also inside any extension like

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Delete duplicate records from MM tables

If somehow (f.e. because of a migration from DAM to FAL) you face with duplicate records in MM table you need a small trick to be able to delete them.

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Flexform displayCond with OR relation

I saw an interesting behaviour in a plain 6.2.4 TYPO3 installation, where I need to test an extension.

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TYPO3 Solr: Facettierung und Filter

Mit Solr als Enterprise Suchlösung in TYPO3 gibt es zwei verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Ergebnisliste zu verfeinern. Die erste Variante ist die Facettierung, unter der jeder eigentlich den Begriff „Filter“ versteht. Es ist die klassische Dropdown oder Checkbox Lösung für Kategorien,

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The first day of T3DD13 – Hamburg 2013

After a long way to the north, we did not waste our time and right after the registration started to check out the program for today. The atmosphere is really good, a lot of people came from all over Germany

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