The first day of T3DD13 – Hamburg 2013

After a long way to the north, we did not waste our time and right after the registration started to check out the program for today. The atmosphere is really good, a lot of people came from all over Germany and Europe. It is very nice to see how many developers from the other countries arrived.

After some discussion we picked up our first session from the table, and it was definitely a good choice! The presentation was leading us from the past of TYPO3 CMS into its near future. Right on the very first day two interesting and also important announcements happened:
The old and good TYPO3 CMS 4.5 will be „retired“ soon as our LTS release, and also the release plan of the new version of 6.2. When everything goes as planned, we can have a final release on 29th of October this year. Can’t wait to see the promises going true!

We could have some „sneak peek behind the scenes“ moments with the core developers. Would be too many to write about all of them, but I have to admit that the changes in the Integration and Install processes are very promising, just like the improving in Extbase and in the Backend UI.
It was a good start, and we are looking forward to the 2nd day, on which we will pick up some more knowledge about the best practice of automatic deployment.

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